Paula Koelemeijer

Paula will be starting in Oxford in May 2022

Research Interests

As a seismologist I am interested in using seismic waves to understand the world around us, ranging from planetary-scale processes to social seismology. The tiny signals recorded by seismometers at the Earth’s surface allow us to answer fundamental questions about its deep interior, and yet also provide detailed information about human and animal behaviour. Recent research include the development of seismic tomography models with uncertainties, 3D printing of geophysical data, the density structure of the lowermost mantle and the effect of lockdowns on seismic noise. To be able to work on such a wide range of applications, I collaborate intensively with geodynamicists and mineral physicists, as well as zoologists and computer scientists. Much of my research is hypothesis driven, often combining analysis of seismic data, forward and inverse modelling, with a strong emphasis on data uncertainties.

Potential PhD projects topics include (1) imaging the multi-scale scale topography of the Earth’s core, (2) investigating tomographic proxies for phase transitions in the Earth’s mantle, (3) characterising background seismicity and seismic noise sources across London and (4) constraining the temperature and composition of Earth’s lowermost mantle.

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Qualifications and Experience

PhD in seismology (University of Cambridge, 2014). National accredited teaching qualification (SEDA PDF Descriptor 2 Award).

Supervisor of MSc / PhD research projects since 2016.
Senior research fellow / lecturer (associate professor) since 2018.

Personal Research Keywords

Observational seismology, Normal modes, Seismic tomography, Seismic noise, Geodynamics, Inverse problems