Philip Stier

Research Interests

Our group addresses physical climate processes in the context of anthropogenic perturbations to the earth system as the underlying cause of climate change.

Focal points of our research are clouds and their role for climate, in particular their response to air pollution in form of aerosol particles (aerosol-cloud interactions) and to global warming (cloud feedbacks).

Students will join the dynamical Climate Processes Group, tackling these questions employing advanced numerical models of the atmosphere and Earth’s climate, in synergy with measurements from satellites, aircrafts and ground-based instruments, theory and increasingly machine learning techniques. We are actively involved in the development of next generation high-resolution climate models.

DPhil (PhD) projects will be developed jointly with the student and often combine multiple methodologies.

Qualifications and Experience

Supervised 20 PhD students, 18 post-docs, many masters students.


Personal Research Keywords

clouds, aerosols, climate, radiation balance, AI, machine learning