Rebecca Tyne

Academic Profile

I completed my MSCi in Environmental Geoscience at Imperial College London, graduating in 2016. During this time, my research interests were mainly focussed in geochemistry, completing both my BSc and MSCi projects in the area.  I completed my MSCi project with Mark Sephton and Jon Watson, looking the biodegradation of oils in the Wessex Basin. I found looking at the geochemistry of oil particularly interesting and is something I would like to continue in the future. My BSc project looked a the natural and anthropogenic cycling of cadmium in aqueous environments, working with Mark Rehkamper and Tina van de Flierdt.

Current Research

Proposed D.Phil project currently involves tracing oil and gas reservoir contributions to shallow fluid systems. This comprises of developing the utility of noble gases to trace hydrocarbon ingress into shallow freshwater aquifers associated with historic hydrocarbon production in California.  From specific sites I plan to design to define source character and develop models to understand how these signals change during the process of migration and hydrocarbon modification.


Cheng, A., R. Tyne, et al. (2016). "Investigating arsenic contents in surface and drinking water by voltammetry and the method of standard addition." J. Chem. Edu 93(11): 1945-1950.

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