Roger Close

Research Interests

My research aims to understand how the biodiversity we see today was assembled through deep time. I use the fossil record to unravel the how the spatial structure of animal biodiversity changed through the Phanerozoic eon, and then to understand what biological and environmental drivers shaped these changes, and how. My research group also investigates related questions, such as how diversification rates varied spatially through deep time, and how biases in the fossil record shape our perception of biodiversity trends when using alternative currencies such as phylogenetic and morphological diversity. I can supervise a range of topics related to ancient biodiversity, macroecology and macroevolution in the fossil record, especially using a spatially-explicit perspective.


Qualifications and Experience

BA/BSci (Hons); Grad. Dip. Sci (Zoology); PhD (Geology)

Personal Research Keywords

palaeobiology, palaeontology, biodiversity, fossil record, Phanerozoic, spatial