Sam Hatfield

Summary of D.Phil/MSc research

My D.Phil research focused on the data assimilation algorithms used in numerical weather prediction in order to initialise weather simulation models. I tried to identify ways to accelerate these algorithms using ideas from reduced-precision computing. I also carried out some other research related to precision, notably including the potential applications of AI-targeted computing hardware in weather forecasting models.

Current Research/employment


Was your D.Phil relevant to what you are doing now?

Absolutely. The work I do now lines up almost exactly with my D.Phil research.


I have published one first-author paper since graduating (Hatfield, S., Chantry, M., Dueben, P., Lopez, P., Geer, A., & Palmer, T. (2021). Building tangent-linear and adjoint models for data assimilation with neural networks. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 13) and co-authored a handful more.