Sam Hollowood

Academic Profile

MEarthSci at the University of Oxford

Masters Project:
Investigating the past 1000 years of climate history in southern Morocco using stalagmite material from the South-of-Atlas

Met Office Academic Partnership prize for best 4th year project on Climate
Domus scholarship at St Peters College
Simpson Prize for Earth Sciences

Current Research

My DPhil research will involve reconstructing Holocene and Pleistocene climates using secondary carbonates (i.e. speleothems). However, paleoenvironmental analysis of speleothems often lead to qualitative evaluations of past climates. In order for speleothems to fulfil their full potential as useful past climate indicators, a more quantifiable interpretation is needed.

I aim to utilise a multi-proxy approach, forward modelling and new lab methodologies in order to quantify past climate reconstructions (e.g. rainfall amount, temperature and soil pCO2) using speleothem material from Morocco and Chile.


Publications to follow.

Contact information

ORCID: 0000-0002-2929-0393

Twitter: @Ham_sollowood