Sarah Sparrow

Research Interests

Extreme weather events can have wide reaching socio-economic impacts across a variety of sectors. Our research focusses on attributing the influence of current and future climate change on extreme weather events affecting different impact areas and building digital tools to help increase preparedness and build resilience for future changes. Within the group we run the citizen science platform from which we can generate very large ensembles of weather and climate model output. I am interested in the application of citizen science to help quantify future changes and aid data collection. I regularly work in interdisciplinary teams and have currently active research in climate change impacts on energy, health and finance. New students could potentially work in the areas of climate change and infectious diseases, or climate change and energy system reliability including how forecasting could be improved. I often work collaboratively with colleagues in different departments and with scientist from the UK Met Office and the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts.


Qualifications and Experience

I have a DPhil in atmospheric physics and have experience in co-supervising numerous DPhil, MSc and 4th year undergraduate projects.

Personal Research Keywords

Extreme weather events and their impacts, Energy systems, Health and infectious diseases, Digital tools, Attribution, Citizen Science