Sean Selzer

Academic Profile


2012-2016: University of Nottingham, MSci in Chemistry with a Year Abroad (University of Queensland)

My masters project focussed on finding novel applications for the One-Pot Cannizzaro Cascade Synthesis and resulted in a new, more efficient synthetic route to a suite of chrysenes with potential applications in organic electronics.

Current Research

I am currently interested in using radio-isotopes as tracers of diffusivity around hydrothermal systems in order to help constrain the fluxes of trace metals in these areas. The magnitude and spatial and temporal distribution of trace metal fluxes are a key factor in understanding the distribution and intensity of primary productivity in the oceans.
I will be studying the activities of multiple radium isotopes at the Rainbow and TAG hydrothermal vent fields along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge as part of the GEOTRACES GA13 FRidge research cruise.


Eccleshare, L., Selzer, S. and Woodward, S. (2017). "An efficient synthesis of substituted chrysenes." Tetrahedron Letters, 58(5), pp.393-395. []