Serjoscha Evers

Summary of D.Phil/MSc research

I was based in Earth Sciences in the palaeontology group of Roger Benson. My PhD topic was the early evolution of sea turtles, and I used computed tomography scanning for descriptive palaeontological work, and for phylogenetic work, which we used to answer macroevolutionary questions about the origins of marine lifestyles in turtles.

Current Research/employment

I am junior group leader on my own Swiss National Science Foundation Ambizione grant. My PhD student and I work on the morphological evolution of turtles, using high resolution 3D data from extant species and fossils. My daily business is research, but I also have supervisory and administrative duties, as well as some teaching.

Was your D.Phil relevant to what you are doing now?

Yes, the PhD set the foundations of my later work by teaching me core methods and concepts, as well as academic writing, problem solving and academic critical thinking.