Sonya Clegg

Research Interests

Knowledge of drivers of global diversity patterns is limited by the extent to which we understand the evolutionary dynamics that transform undifferentiated taxa into reproductively isolated species. The student would join a group working on processes underlying divergence in wild vertebrate systems, with a particular emphasis on combining information on genomic and phenotypic variation and the importance of changing biotic interactions. The details of any DPhil project would be developed with the student, but could include field, molecular lab and modelling approaches. Potential field sites include sites in Australia and south Pacific islands. 

Professional qualifications: PhD (Zoology, University of Queensland 2000). Supervision experience: five completed and four current PhD students. Teaching experience: Ten years in an academic role delivering lectures, practicals, field courses and tutorials at all undergraduate levels in topics of ecology, evolution, organisms, conservation and wildlife management. 

Personal Research Keywords

bird, island, disease, biogeography, genomics, evolution