Takafumi Nishino

Research Interests

Wind energy (or more specifically, the kinetic energy of wind) is one of the most common forms of natural energy that is readily available on the Earth. With ever-increasing demand for energy worldwide, it is becoming more and more important to understand how to extract wind energy efficiently at a very large scale; this is a complex multiscale problem and requires an interdisciplinary approach between engineering and atmospheric physics. My research employs theoretical and computational methods to look into relevant fluid flow problems at various scales, ranging from the dynamics of small vortices generated by wind turbine blades to large-scale motions of the atmospheric boundary layer, and most importantly, how to model their interactions across scales. Potential DPhil research topics under my supervision include the modelling and analysis of relevant turbulent flows at multiple scales using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and/or numerical weather prediction (NWP) models.

Personal Research Keywords

theoretical and computational fluid dynamics, turbulence, wind energy, tidal stream energy, multiscale modelling