Theresa Burt

Research Interests

Many important questions in animal behaviour are concerned with how animals navigate effectively, as this is one aspect that underpins their survival and success. We employ theoretical and empirical approaches to study the senses that are used to obtain spatial information, and to understand how this information is learned, remembered and recalled to enable efficient navigation. The student will join an interdisciplinary research group composed of biologists, ecologists, engineers, and neuroethologists, who study the contribution of individual cognitive capabilities and navigational strategies, as well as the contribution of ecological, sensory and social environments to animal movement. The details of any DPhil project would be defined in discussion with the student, but are likely to be focussed on using fish as a model system to explore questions in sensory ecology. This could involve both fieldwork, and pioneering behavioural experiments in the laboratory.

Experience & Qualifications

DPhil (Oxford). In Animal Behaviour

More than 15 years teaching and supervisory experience

Personal Research Keywords

Navigation, Cognition, Sensory ecology, Fish Behaviour