Thomas Hornigold

Academic Profile

I obtained my Masters' in Physics (MPhys) degree from the University of Oxford in 2017, where I was ranked third overall in the cohort.

I have previously worked as a summer research student in the Particle Physics department; my Masters' research project was supervised by Dr Alves-Batista and dealt with the propagation of cosmic rays; and I have also been employed by Anglo Scientific as a research intern.

In my spare time I'm an active science communicator, with freelance articles published on Singularity Hub. I also host a podcast, Physical Attraction, aiming to explain concepts in physics to the general public. Given that I take every possible opportunity to plug the show, I see no reason to make an exception here.

Current Research

Although I have not yet decided on a final project, I'm interested in global climate modelling with potential applications towards geoengineering, possibly through carbon dioxide removal, stratospheric aerosol injection, marine cloud brightening, or (idealised models of) the sunshade idea and other (potentially) politically relevant scenarios. I would like to refine and explore these and other mitigation scenarios and explore the question of whether, in this case, the cure might be worse than the disease - given concerns like the termination shock and the spatial inhomogeneity of the response, can we optimise the methods that are currently being considered? Is it possible to deploy a "limited amount"? How does SRM interact with CDR? Can we create a model of a realistic scenario and compare it to a realistic alternative to help policymakers in their decisions? These and other research questions I hope to explore and answer through computational modelling, possibly using the Climate@Home framework.


Publications will be coming soon