Timothy Barraclough

Research Interests

All organisms live in diverse communities with hundreds of other species. Understanding what species are, where they come from, and how they coexist and interact is therefore vital for predicting how living systems will evolve in response to contemporary changes, as well as for knowing where diversity comes from. You will join a group using a wide range of approaches – genomics, experimental evolution with bacteria, long-term time-series, biodiversity sampling – to tackle these challenges in a range of animal, microbial and plant groups. Designed to blend your interests with the group’s expertise, your project will build new theory, methods and/or evidence for understanding the dynamics of evolution of diverse systems, ranging from origins to contemporary evolution and management. Previous students have often worked with organisations such as the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and CABI and several have conducted fieldwork in the UK and in Africa, South East Asia and the American tropics.

Qualifications & Experience

DPhil Zoology (Oxford) MA and BA Hons Natural Sciences (Cambridge)

4 years professor Oxford; 10 years professor Imperial College London; 2 years Reader, 2 years Senior Lecturer, 2 years Lecturer - Imperial College London; 5 years Royal Society University Research Fellow - Imperial College London

Personal Research Keywords

Evolution, speciation, biodiversity, microbial, genomics, communities