Tristan Pang

Academic Profile

I am a mathematician with an extensive and diverse range of experience. My academic qualifications include:


- MSc in Computational Applied Mathematics (Distinction, University of Edinburgh), specialising in fluid dynamics and numerical analysis. Dissertation: Modelling Geophysical Fluids Using Dedalus

- MSc in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science (Distinction, University of Oxford), specialising in number theory. Dissertation: The Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves and Jacobians of Genus 2 Curves

- BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Physics (First-class, University of Auckland), specialising in pure maths and laser physics. Dissertation: Hasse-Minkowski Theorem



- Graduate Lecturer in Mathematical Reasoning, Universiteit Leiden

- Graduate Teaching Assistant in Algebraic Number Theory (MSc), Universiteit Leiden

- Graduate Teaching Assistant Mathematics Department, University of Auckland

Current Research

Currently, I am working on eddy-induced transport in the Southern Ocean. By parameterising eddies, we can simplify ocean models to help resolve details on the Rossby length scale. However, this can lead to physical inconsistencies with the eddy energy budget. My project focuses on shallow water models (e.g., the Figure shows the water height of a reduced gravity 1.5 layer model based on Adcroft and Marshall 1998) and their potential vorticity closure of the eddy-induced transport.


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