Benedict Campbell

Academic Profile

After studying for a BSc in Geophysics and Geology at the University of Durham, I completed an MSc by Research at the University of Manchester focussing on the seismic characterisation of gas hydrates in the Lüderitz Basin, offshore Namibia.

My research investigated the distribution of gas hydrate deposits, shallow heat flow and associated fluid flow phenomena. The project involved studying the shallow plumbing system within the basin, looking at hydrocarbon migration pathways and seafloor mounds.

My DPhil in Oxford is funded by a Clarendon Scholarship.

Current Research

My research integrates high-resolution 3D seismic data with well data, to create a holistic analysis of subsurface plumbing systems and to quantify subsurface fluid flux. Using these techniques I analyse if there is evidence of hydrocarbon reservoirs naturally leaking methane into the atmosphere.

Understanding the flux of subsurface fluid flow will have implications when identifying potential carbon capture storage sites and, risk and fluid migration analysis in hydrocarbon exploration. Applying this to leaking hydrocarbon reservoirs will improve the understanding their impact on climate change and carbon budgets.


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