William Jones

Academic Profile

I am a first year graduate student in the Climate Processes group funded by the ERC RECAP project. I graduated Imperial College London with an MSci in physics, and worked for RAL Space in the Earth observation and remote sensing group as a developer for the ORAC satellite retrieval algorithm.

I am supervised by Philip Stier and Matthew Christensen, and am interested in the use of novel satellite retrievals to investigate cloud-aerosol-climate interactions.

Current Research

As part of the RECAP project, my DPhil research is involved in the use of satellite retrievals to investigate cloud-aerosol-climate interaction, with particular focus on effects on precipitation and links to the global energy budget. I am using high temporal and spatial resolution imagery from the meteosat SEVIRI sensors to track deep convective systems in order to analyse both the effects of high aerosol loading on the formation and lifetime of said systems and also the long term effects of aerosol deposition in the tracks of deep convective systems. I am also interested in the use of multi-sensor missions such as the a-train to better investigate passive satellite observations.


Publications will be coming soon