UNIQ+ Criteria 

For new NERC Summer REP Scheme & the 3 Widening Participation Studentships NERC DTP 




Eligibility criteria 

  • be settled in the UK on 1 July 2020, with no restrictions on how long you can stay; 

  • have been ordinarily resident in the UK since 1 July 2017 and this residence should not have been wholly or mainly for the purpose of receiving full-time education during any part of it; 

  • not have yet undertaken a substantial period of research; 


meet at least one of the following criteria: 

  • be in the first generation of your family to go to university;  

  • have been in care for at least three months; 

  • have been a young carer; 

  • come from a neighbourhood which is classed as ACORN 4 or 5 or POLAR (4) Quintile 1 or 2 in the final calendar year of your secondary school education (this would normally be at age 18). 


meet the additional criteria for UNIQ+ and/or Wellcome BVS (shown below). 


All other things being equal, ethnicity may be taken into account, and preference given to applicants who identify as Black and Minority Ethnic.  


Additional criteria for UNIQ+ 

In addition to the standard eligibility criteria above, you must: 

be currently undertaking or have completed an undergraduate degree at a UK or Irish university;  

be in at least the second year of your course or have already graduated; and 

be on track to achieve or have achieved a final degree grade of a high 2:1 or First, in a subject area related to one of our research projects.