Worcester College

In the past few years, Worcester College has made strong, public steps towards environmental and social justice. All constituencies of the College have committed to transforming our community to respond to the needs of the world -- but while we have made good progress, we need the knowledge and participation of excellent graduate students to help us advance more boldly. This year alone, Worcester made national news when it rejected the government’s algorithm for undergraduate admissions, as it had a disproportionate, negative effect on students from state schools. Governing Body elected a Sustainability Officer ensures that all College activities are evaluated in light of their environmental impact. We created an Equalities Office, which leads the Equity and Inclusivity Action Group, composed of representatives from all College constituencies. We hired an Equal Access to Student Success officer, who works with undergraduates and graduates to ensure that all our students have the skills and resources to succeed. We run the Community, Equality, and Decolonisation Fund for projects proposed by any College member. And perhaps most importantly, we have one of the best-resourced Welfare programmes of any Oxford college.