DPhil projects on cloud feedbacks and cloud-aerosol interactions

Project Details

Key Questions

To understand and quantify cloud feedbacks and cloud-aerosol interactions.  


Clouds play a key role in the climate system via modulation of the Earth’s energy balance and their role in the hydrological cycle. It is therefore vital to understand the uncertain response of clouds to anthropogenic perturbations in the form of greenhouse-gas induced warming (cloud feedbacks) and the emission of air pollutants (aerosol effects).  

Aims of the Project

Projects in this subject area will be developed jointly with the student.  

Methods to be used

Depending on the specific project and student preferences, these questions can be tackled with advanced computer models of the atmosphere and Earth’s climate, measurements from satellites, aircrafts and ground-based instruments, theory and increasingly machine learning techniques or any combination thereof.  

Specialised skills required

A solid quantitative background in Physics, Atmospheric Physics / Meteorology, Mathematics or Data Sciences.  

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