David Pyle

Research Interests

I am a volcanologist, and am particularly interested in historical volcanism, and the impacts of volcanic eruptions on people, communities and the climate system. I am also interested in 'data mining' of historical archives, to understand the impacts of and responses to past volcanic and seismic crises; and increasingly interested in the roles that volcanic and geothermal systems can play in the transition to net zero, whether as energy sources or sources of new materials.

My recent and ongoing research projects are focussed in the eastern Caribbean (Montserrat and St Vincent), the Ethiopian Rift Valley and Europe (Santorini, and Vesuvius), and I would be very pleased to discuss studentship opportunities around these areas.

I am also actively working on projects including public and community engagement; many of which intersect with or have emerged from my involvement in research projects. I am very interested in new opportunities emerging for collaborative and interdisciplinary projects, for example around archives or collections.

Check with my department website for more information, and for studentship and other opportuntities.

Personal Research Keywords

Volcanism, Volcanic Eruptions, Hazards and Risk, Magmatism, Geothermal activity