Fritz Vollrath

Research Interests

Elephants are key-stone species in many savannah ecosystems and are increasingly exposed to human activities.  As long-lived and intelligent animals they have evolved complex social systems enhanced by complex sensory abilities.  In collaboration with the UK charity Save the Elephants my group has been studying elephant behaviour for over 20 years typically using radio-tracking and enhanced data analysis as tools.

Web spiders are no less interesting and have the advantage of experimental access as lab animals where questions can be posed and tested concerning both animal behaviour and the interface between biology and robotics.

Fritz is an established researcher at Oxford and has supervised 15+ PhD students and 15+ MSc students.


Experience & Qualifications

Dr rer. nat. Freiburg Germany in Zoology

40 years as Lecturer/Professor at Basel CH, Aarhus DK, Oxford UK

Personal Research Keywords

Behaviour, Spiders, Elephants, Tracking, Sensors, Artificial-Intelligence