Maurice Fallon

Research Interests

Dr. Fallon's research is focused on probabilistic methods for localization and mapping applied to robotics but also mobile sensing. He has worked on robot navigation and localisation with a particular interest in sensor fusion. This work is usually applied towards applications such as mobile robots or autonomous vehicles. But as technology has become more sophisticated, has found application in scanning of buildings and we are interested in exploring how real-time handheld LIDAR reconstruction can be used to monitor biodiversity and forest health.

Qualifications and Experience

PhD – Information Engineering, University of Cambridge (2014-2008)
PostDoc – Mechanical Engineering, MIT (2008-2012)
Research Scientist - Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, MIT (2012-2015)
Lectures Computer Vision and Probability in Dept. of Engineering Science, University of Oxford
Research Fellow – Wolfson College, Oxford

Personal Research Keywords

handheld lidar mapping, reconstruction, robotics, artificial intelligence, ecological monitoring