Michelle Jackson

Research Interests

My main research interest lies in understanding individual-to-ecosystem level responses to environmental change, including warming, invasion, pollution and habitat loss. I am particularly interested in interactions among these stressors, and how stressor effects cascade through food webs with implications for ecosystem processes and services. I use a combination of field studies across both natural and anthropogenic stressor gradients, manipulative experiments and meta-analyses to seek general predictive rules in multiple stressor effects. Most of my research is in freshwater ecosystems, spanning from the Arctic to the tropics.

The details of any DPhil project would be defined in discussion with the student, but would likely entail a combination of laboratory and fieldwork, with a focus either on freshwater or intertidal habitats in the UK, Greenland, Antarctica or South Africa.

I have a PhD in Ecology from Queen Mary University and have been researching global change in aquatic ecosystems for >10 years. I started working at Oxford University in 2019, moving from Imperial College London.

Personal Research Keywords

Multiple stressors, Aquatic ecology, Food webs, Climate change, Invasive species, Community ecology