Roberto Salguero-Gomez

Research Interests

PROBLEM: What are the main drivers that facilitate the resilience of individuals, populations, and communities to human disturbances?
PROJECTS & PLATFORMS: DRAGNet network (NERC Pushing the Frontiers 2023-2027); Multiple long-term demographic datasets of animals and plants around the globe (e.g. corals, mistletoe, desert plants, bats).
TOPICS: AI and autonomous monitoring of ecological systems; population forecast; community ecology; applications of ecological modelling into conservation biology
APPROACHES: Experiments; Long-term observations; Statistical modelling; Remote sensing; Comparative, big-data computational analyses.

Experience & Qualifications

PhD (2011) with >10 years of teaching and supervisory experience (ecology, ecological modelling, evolution, statistics) at the Universities of Queensland (Australia), Sheffield and Oxford at the BSc, MSc, and PhD (11) levels, as well as mentoring of PDRAs (7), research fellows (4).

Personal Research Keywords

Macroecology, resilience, population ecology, species distribution models, functional traits