Tamsin Mather

Research Interests

Volcanological research in Oxford is driven by the need to understand volcanoes and volcanism as (a) natural hazards and (b) a key planetary-scale process throughout geological time, vital for maintaining habitability. We have broad interests covering a wide range of volcanological problems. The details of any DPhil project would be defined in discussion with the student but recent examples include studying the atmospheric chemistry of volcanic plumes, region studies of style and rates of volcanism in places like Chile, Central America and Ethiopia, multi-parameter geophysical studies of individual volcanoes (e.g., Santorini in Greece), looking for the signature of large igneous provinces in the sedimentary record and even volcanism on Venus! The group uses a wide range of techniques including field studies, monitoring data (in collaboration with volcano observatories), remote sensing, geochemistry, petrology and simple modelling. Potential field areas include Italy, Ethiopia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Experience & Qualifications

MSci (Chemistry, Cambridge), MPhil (History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge), PhD (Earth Sciences, Cambridge)

1 year as a research fellow University of Cambridge, over 14 years as a research fellow/associate professor/professor at University of Oxford

Personal Research Keywords

Volcanoes; atmosphere, volcanic gases, remote sensing, igneous geochemistry, igneous petrology